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I'm Brianna

I’m a freelancer who built her 6-figure Social Media Marketing business in 2020. Here is where you can connect with me and snag all my free resources for new SMMs who are ready to launch their own business.

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I get it...

Stepping out as a freelancer is hard…

I’ve been there, and I know deciding to be an entrepreneur is scary AF. After months of being on the fence, stalking successful SMMs on Instagram, and being totally burnt out from my 9-5 job,

I decided to just go for it… My business is now earning over $10,000/month and I’m so happy I committed to this career despite my friends and family telling me I was crazy.

Want to save time and jet to 5-figure months?

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Kickstart Your SMM Business

A free mini-course for new SMM's who are ready to establish their business and get their first 2 clients Tired of not knowing where to start or how to run an SMM business?

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Social Media Marketer Academy

Unleash your social media marketing potential with Brianna's freebies. Get ready to kickstart your SMM business, acquire your first clients, and access a treasure trove of valuable resources. Elevate your digital marketing game and unlock the path to success. Dive in now!

  • 1 on 1 Coaching

    The ultimate fast track to success. If you're craving personalized guidance to skyrocket your social media management biz, my 1-on-1 coaching is tailor-made for you.

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  • Group Coaching

    Accelerate your path to success as a social media manager with my exclusive quarterly group coaching program, designed to turbocharge your client acquisition and business launch from day one.

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  • Quick Clients Toolkit

    The ultimate training vault for SMM’s who are ready to sign clients ASAP and hit $10K months. Full online course plus templates so you can dive right into signing clients.

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